Celebrity Cruise Decorations

Setting sail with Celebrity Cruises and want to make your stateroom door stand out, or celebrate a special occasion? You're in the right place!

Celebrity Cruises Door Decorations

Do people decorate on Celebrity cruises?

Yes! Celebrity guests typically decorate their doors for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, or even just to celebrate cruising!

Cruise door magnets are the ideal option for Celebrity cruise decorations as they're effortlessly packable, and go up in seconds on metallic surfaces.

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  • Find Your Room

    Easily spot your room in endless cruise ship hallways - even after a few cocktails on the lido.

  • Celebrate Good Times

    Anniversaries, Birthdays and so many other special occasions are better at sea. Decorate and celebrate!

  • For Keep's Sake!

    Cruise door magnets make a fantastic souvenir of your seafaring adventures. Collect one for every cruise!

Celebrity Cruise Door Magnets

Where to find Celebrity Cruise decorations?

Stateroom Statements is thrilled to offer an extensive collection of original cruise magnets that will make your cruise cabin door pop and add an extra touch of personalization to your vacation. Our unique designs and high-quality products have become a hit with Celebrity Cruises passengers.

Whether you're a first-time cruiser or a seasoned pro, make sure to check out our collection of cruise door decorations to show off your personality and add some extra flair to your Celebrity cruise vacation.

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What are the rules for Celebrity Cruise Decorations?

Celebrity Cruises Decoration Rules:

Leave no Trace

Celebrity Cruises requires that cruise door decorations must not leave any mark on stateroom doors or walls. Only use magnets (or command strips for non-metallic surfaces)

Keep it PG-13

While Celebrity is more adult oriented, it still includes families. Cruise door decorations must not include language or imagery that may be considered vulgar or offensive.

Safety First

For safety reasons, almost all cruise lines require door decorations to be made out of flame retardant materials. Stateroom Statements cruise door magnets use an approved vinyl material.

The Doors

Cruise Decorations should only be on your door or inside your room. They should not interfere with clear access to your room or the hallway for crew and fellow guests.

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