What is a Fish Extender? How do you Stretch the Fish?

What is a Fish Extender? How do you Stretch the Fish?

If you've ever been on a Disney Cruise Line voyage, you may have seen or heard about Fish Extenders and the gift exchanges that people do on board. But what are Fish Extenders, why are they called that, and how do you join a Fish Extender group? Here are the answers to these questions and more.

  1. What are Fish Extenders?

Fish Extenders are hanging pockets or organizers that are attached to the metal hooks located outside the stateroom doors on Disney Cruise Line ships. They are called Fish Extenders because they "extend" from the metal hooks, which are shaped like fish on many Disney ships. Fish Extenders are used to hold small gifts and goodies that are given to fellow cruisers as part of a gift exchange.

  1. Where can I buy Fish Extenders?

Fish Extenders can be purchased from various online retailers, such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. They come in different sizes and designs, ranging from simple mesh pockets to elaborate embroidered organizers. Some sellers even offer custom-made Fish Extenders that can be personalized with your name, cruise date, and favorite Disney characters.

  1. How do I join a Fish Extender group?

To join a Fish Extender group, you need to first find a group that is organizing a gift exchange for your cruise. This can be done through online forums, Facebook groups, or your travel agent can point you in the right direction. Once you've found a group, you'll need to sign up and provide your stateroom number and other information requested by the organizer. You'll also need to agree to the group's rules and guidelines, which typically include a spending limit, gift exchange schedule, and other details.

In conclusion, Fish Extenders and gift exchanges are a fun and popular tradition on Disney Cruise Line voyages. They provide an opportunity for guests to connect and exchange small gifts and goodies with fellow cruisers. So if you're planning to go on a Disney Cruise Line voyage, consider joining a Fish Extender group and bring some extra magic to your trip!

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