Non-Profit Feature: Lide Foundation

Non-Profit Feature: Lide Foundation

Stateroom Statements is proud to share that a portion of proceeds for every item in our catalog goes towards worthy non-profit causes in cruise port communities. Today, we're highlighting the incredible Lide Foundation.

The Lide Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by actress and activist Rainn Wilson and his wife, writer and philanthropist, Holiday Reinhorn. The foundation is dedicated to empowering adolescent girls in rural Haiti through education, leadership development, and artistic expression.

The Lide Foundation's work in Haiti is centered around the belief that every girl has the potential to become a leader in her community and create positive change. To achieve this goal, the foundation provides a safe space for girls to learn, grow, and express themselves through a variety of programs, including a school, leadership development workshops, and art and music classes.

The foundation's flagship program is the Lide Learning Center, which provides education to over 120 girls in Jacmel, Haiti. The center is a safe haven for girls who would otherwise be at risk of dropping out of school due to poverty, lack of resources, or social and cultural barriers. The center provides a holistic approach to education, including academic classes, leadership development workshops, health and hygiene education, and art and music classes.

The Lide Foundation's impact on the lives of the girls it serves is immeasurable. By providing education and leadership development opportunities, the foundation is empowering girls to become change-makers in their communities. Many of the girls who have graduated from the Lide Learning Center have gone on to pursue higher education, start their own businesses, and become advocates for girls' education.

In addition to its work in Haiti, the Lide Foundation also supports education and leadership development programs in other parts of the world, including the United States and Uganda.

Overall, the Lide Foundation's work in Haiti and beyond is a testament to the power of education and leadership development to create positive change. Through its programs, the foundation is empowering girls to become leaders in their communities and inspiring others to invest in the education and development of young people.

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