Five Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Cruise Ship Door

Five Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Cruise Ship Door

Getting ready to set sail on your next cruise adventure? Whether you're a seasoned cruiser or a first-timer, you might have seen cruise door decorations and wondered “why?” Well, call us biased but we LOVE cruise ship magnets - they’re a fun addition to our cruise vacations and have some other interesting benefits that we’ll review in this post. So, let's weigh anchor and dive in!

It's a fun activity for your kids (and you!) to get psyched for your upcoming cruise.
Decorating your cruise ship door is a fantastic way to get your family excited and build anticipation for your upcoming voyage. Your kids will love to help decide on a theme, pick out cruise magnet designs, and add personalization. Let the vacation fun start before you even set sail!

It helps you find your stateroom in endless cruise ship hallways.
One of the best benefits of decorating your cruise ship door is that it makes it easier to find your stateroom! With hundreds of rooms on a cruise ship, it can be challenging to remember which one is yours, especially after a few drinks on the Lido deck. Decorating your door will help you spot your cabin from down the hallway.

You can celebrate special occasions and holidays at sea - not to mention group cruises!
Another reason to decorate your cruise ship door is to celebrate special occasions. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or even Halloween - decorating your door is a great way to show off your festive spirit. Going on a group cruise? Get custom cruise magnets for every cabin in your party. 
birthday cruise door magnet

It's fun and lets you share your personality and show off your pop culture fandom.
Your cruise ship door is a blank canvas - an opportunity to express your personality and interests. Showcase your love for your favorite pop culture icons, or share a laugh over the indulgences of cruising.  It's also a great way to meet other passengers who share your interests. You never know, you might make some new friends who you can chat Mandalorian with by the pool!

Custom magnets make a great keepsake after your cruise adventure has ended.
Last but not least, decorating your cruise ship door creates a lasting memory of your cruise adventure. Bring your cruise ship magnets home and add them to your fridge, white board, or any other handy surface. They’re a fantastic (and inexpensive) souvenir for everyone in your group! 

In conclusion, decorating your cruise ship door is a fun activity for cruisers of all ages (and all cruise lines!)  So what are you waiting for? We’ve got dozens of amazing designs, including free personalization - or get your creative juices flowing and drop us a line about a fully custom cruise ship magnet. 

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